“Here’s to falling in love with the you, that you really are.” . Unknown

about tuhe blogger

My name is Yannii Solange. I'm an island girl :D. Trinidadian-American. Born and resided in New-York. Currently reside in Trinidad and Tobago, a small twin island in the Caribbean. Spent the vast majority of my life here. Living the island life, getting healthy for me, journeying to fitness, finding myself through fitness. You can ask me anything!♡


♥Starting Date:25th November 2012. | Height: 5ft 2" |Starting Measurements: -Boobs: 35” -Arms: 10” -Waist: 29” -Stomach: 35” -Hips: 39” -Thigh(left): 23” -Calve(left): 13” | SW:140lbs | CW: 130.3lbs


I strongly advise that you don’t get obsessed with weight on this journey. It’s much much more than that. Be wary of ever beginning to assess your self-value upon the basis of numbers on a scale. Don’t do it!