“Here’s to falling in love with the you, that you really are.” . Unknown

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My name is Yannii Solange. I'm an island girl :D. Trinidadian-American. Born and resided in New-York. Currently reside in Trinidad and Tobago, a small twin island in the Caribbean. Spent the vast majority of my life here. Living the island life, getting healthy for me, journeying to fitness, finding myself through fitness. You can ask me anything!♡


♥Starting Date:25th November 2012. | Height: 5ft 2" |Starting Measurements: -Boobs: 35” -Arms: 10” -Waist: 29” -Stomach: 35” -Hips: 39” -Thigh(left): 23” -Calve(left): 13” | SW:140lbs | CW: 130.3lbs
You’re still going to get criticized, so you might as well do whatever the fuck you want.
- Kathleen Hanna (via wank-r)

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This new blog is really my first attempt at branching out to show a little more of myself and exactly how I got this far on my journey to fitness. I thought it was time for a change. I am not the same girl I was when I started this blog last year and I feel that has to be reflected in my blog. I have learnt a lot about myself and otherwise. I have a greater understanding of life. I feel renewed. This is a fresh start! I’m stronger and closer to “true self” than I have ever been, and I’d like to showcase that. I am proud to have come this far.

This new blog has a broader focus, and I hope it is more organized and helpful. It will incorporate new interests of mine such as yoga, meditation, visualization, pole dancing fitness etc. It will still incorporate the basis of the old blog, still being filled with fitspo, workouts, clean recipes, inspirational quotes/posts etc. It is a work in progress, bare with me lol. I’m there more often now. I’m attempting to build a blog with more depth. It’s centered around fitness of the mind, body and spirit. Please follow xx. You can tell me what yall think. Thanks for all of your support through it all. -xo